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Are you interested in application development or platform engineering? Then apply online now! From August 2022 we offer two apprenticeships as information scientist EFZ in application development and one apprenticeship as information scientist EFZ in platform engineering. You can find detailed information about the apprenticeship profiles at the Zurich ICT Training Association (ZLI).


Your application


We are looking forward to receiving your application with CV, letter of motivation, school reports and ICT Multicheck. A good knowledge of mathematics, a secondary school certificate (Sek-A), and the willingness to complete the vocational high school (BMS) during the apprenticeship are prefered. Until then, we will be pleased to answer your questions sent to jobs@adnovum.ch. We are looking forward to receiving your online application!


Application development

In the first year of the apprenticeship, the students attend the basic year at the Zurich Teaching Association ICT (ZLl), the following three years they will be employed by AdNovum Informatik AG in Zurich. During the second year, the focus lays on deepening programming skills and learning new programming languages and technologies. From the third year onward, the existing knowledge is expanded into concrete projects, in which the students partly work in international project teams with experienced experts and other students.


Platform development

Learners are integrated within the infrastructure team with administrators and engineers. They will contribute to the smooth operation of the server. Their activities include maintaining and setting up the office infrastructure. Later on, they will also work on topics related to network, server operation and internal projects.


‹‹When developing frontends, I work with the latest technologies, for backends with a variety of programming languages – all for real projects.››
Nico Tuscano, computer science apprentice specializing in application development

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