Time for something new

Adnovum updates its brand identity and introduces Smart Work

A strong track record in delivering successful solutions is not enough in the rapidly evolving digital market. After impactful changes in the organization to boost client focus, Adnovum is now updating its brand identity and moving to new headquarters. At the same time, we are reinventing our workplace and introducing Smart Work – with office spaces designed by our employees for our employees. 


Adnovum is a company with a strong track record of over 30 years in the rapidly evolving market for digital solutions. Yet in a market environment where not only technology, but also business models and market conditions change rapidly, trustworthiness and best-in-class engineering alone are not enough. We realized that we need to realign our positioning to stay at the cutting edge of current developments. 


New brand reflects the company DNA and ambitions for the future

Over the last 18 months, impactful changes were introduced, including the appointment of the new CEO Thomas Zangerl and the expansion of the leadership team. Combined with a growing focus on the core industry segments Banking, Insurance, Public Sector and Transportation & Logistics, this evolution has proven to be highly successful. The steep revenue increase of 15% in 2020 and the strong growth trajectory for 2021 confirm these decisions. 


The changes in strategic vision resulted in a growing need to refresh Adnovum’s brand identity. Our new positioning is a promise for the future, firmly anchored in our corporate DNA. It unites business value and collaboration with Adnovum’s proven strengths agility, mastery and trustworthiness. The fresh appearance highlights our ambition to continue supporting clients in making their digital business work.  


And your digital business works

Throughout its history, Adnovum has been a reliable and trustworthy partner committed to delivering great value to its clients. One of our key promises has always been the successful completion of every software project. With our new claim «And your digital business works», we confirm our commitment and promise to our clients. We want to continue to deliver lasting business value, relying on our many years of best-in-class software engineering expertise to build successful end-to-end solutions. 


Smart Work at our new headquarters

With the opening of Adnovum’s new headquarters at Badenerstrasse 170 in Zurich this week, the changes in how we work and cooperate have become even more tangible. For us, Smart Work means that everyone decides where they work, depending on client needs and the task, be it from home or in the office. 



The new building at Badenerstrasse 170 and its office sharing concept have been carefully created and customized to meet the needs of each and everyone of us. Our new spaces are designed to adapt to our activities just as we adapt to our goals. There are spaces for tasks that require strong mental focus, collaborative spaces for ideation and cooperation with clients, and spaces for socializing.  


Our spaces are not designed for eternity, but for change. We welcome employee feedback and our working community to share their experience with hybrid work. Our goal is to learn from each other and to continuously improve the way we work for and with our clients and other partners. 


Your feedback is important