Adnovum Incubator

Unlocking the potential of bright ideas

Adnovum Incubator is the innovation lab of Adnovum. As a trusted partner, we help companies unlock their digital potential. We uncover matches between clients’ needs and technology trends and validate use cases in close collaboration with market players. This results in new customer experiences, solutions and business models which lead our clients to pioneering innovation.

Real innovation arises when an emerging technology meets an existing need. This can be seen from the social and technological development of recent centuries. Analogous to the alchemists who tried to convert base metals into gold in the Middle Ages, merging new technological capabilities and core needs can create added value. Adnovum Incubator wants to understand, model and support the mechanisms of innovation with one method: the alchemy of innovation. It consists of the three stages "observe", "incubate" and "convert".



Identifying basic mechanisms and applying them to new areas


Every day we consume a flood of information from different sources. We read the newspaper, listen to conversations on the train, surf the Internet, etc. To prevent us from going crazy, our brain helps us to process this flood of information. It filters out what is unimportant or already known and lets only what is important or challenges our current mindset access our consciousness. This separation of what is the same and what is different is key to being able to abstract or generalize. It's about realizing that this animal we are seeing right now is a dog because it looks very similar to other dogs we know. However, we also notice that this dog is special in his own way.


Innovation is about extracting ideas from observations and applying them to new areas. To do this, we need to fully understand the basic mechanism of a process. Only then are we able to take advantage of it. That is why we ask ourselves in each case “What makes this topic special?” or “How does it distinguish itself from similar topics?". This way, an automatic "matching" is triggered. Meaning: Once we have understood the basic idea of a cool solution, we think about which need can also be met. This results in a hypothesis for an innovation.




Reviewing hypothesis and gaining valuable insights


If an idea has emerged in the "observe" stage, we formulate it as a hypothesis. Whether the idea is viable can be seen from the response it receives. If the response is high, we validate the idea with experiments. This is usually done in the form of a proof of concept or a prototype – and most effectively with an existing or potential customer in a so-called co-creation phase, in which we pursue a common goal at eye level.


Various scenarios are possible during validation:

  • Scenario 1: The hypothesis is confirmed. In this case, the "incubate" stage is completed.
  • Scenario 2: The result looks promising, but the hypothesis has not yet been fully confirmed and needs to be adjusted because we have gained new insights.
  • Scenario 3: A "lucky punch". At first sight, the experiment seems to have failed. Soon after, as we understand exactly what has happened, we discover a completely unexpected result that has great benefits.
  • Scenario 4: The hypothesis is wrong. The more courageously we pursue an idea, the more often this occurs. However, this is just as important as a non-confirmed hypothesis also provides valuable insights.




Unlocking the potential of bright ideas


Once a hypothesis has been confirmed and there are specific application possibilities, we examine whether an offering can be crafted from it. To this end, we develop a classic business case that focuses on the added value for the end-user. If added value and market potential are proven, we define the organizational and financial framework conditions for successful design, implementation and marketing.


If the solution can be used as a product, fits Adnovum’s strategy and offering and can be developed in good time with our own resources, we implement it internally. A multidisciplinary agile team with members from different business and support units is responsible for product design and development as well as the marketing of the first MVP.


If the framework conditions for internal implementation are not met, the solution is developed externally, if necessary together with partners. This may involve the foundation of a start-up or a joint venture.


An individual software development is also an option if the solution meets the needs of a customer or if the customer is interested in developing the solution themselves, but needs a technology partner. This is our classic approach. In close cooperation with the customer we tailor the use case to his needs, goals and environment. Then we design a suitable solution and a detailed plan for its implementation. When it comes to defining and creating the organizational, technical and legal framework conditions, we closely support the customer. The same applies to the change management process. The customer can always rely on our expertise, skills and resources in software and security engineering – from start to finish.


Do you have a promising idea you would like to challenge or further develop with us? Contact us!

‹‹Adnovum Incubator unlocks the business potential of digital trends and leads clients to pioneering innovation.››
Stéphane Mingot, Head of Adnovum Incubator
‹‹The Adnovum Incubator drives innovation by anticipating trends, identifying opportunities for the business to commercialize emerging technology and building show cases.››
Hartmut Keil, Expert Software Engineer, Adnovum Incubator

Stéphane Mingot Head of Adnovum Incubator