Showcase – Car Dossier

Managing car history reports using blockchain

Disruptive and emerging technologies are at the heart of many of today’s most groundbreaking business and consumer solutions. This is truly evident in the rise of blockchain technology and smart contracts, which serve as the technological basis for the Car Dossier. Adnovum Incubator, together with industry, governmental and academic partners, developed Car Dossier, a blockchain-based digital dossier where all data from a vehicle’s life cycle can be stored transparently and securely. The project was co-financed by InnoSuisse and led to the creation of the non-profit association cardossier.


Observe – Magic Match

Challenge: As in most business ecosystems there are many disconnected stakeholders within the car industry. As a result, the car industry is characterized by a lack of trust, isolated parties and uncertainty, as many unknown parties are involved. Furthermore, the exchange of data and the implementation of cross-company processes are linked to many frictions.


Solution: Blockchain technology enables trusted, transparent and seamless transactions and a common view of data within an ecosystem. The digitization and authentication of a car's history report would be a key element in terms of increasing trust and efficiency within the car business ecosystem.

Incubate – Proof of Concept

Hypothesis: We understand, due to the varied stakeholders active within the car industry there is a large amount of data involved in storing all information about a vehicle’s life cycle. As a result, we believe utilizing blockchain technology, as it is able to establish the necessary trust among the different stakeholders through transparency, immutability and decentralized operation, will result in the data being shared amongst all parties with independent needs and interests. To ensure that data is shared and stored securely, security must therefore be an integral part of the design of such an ecosystem.


Approach: Adnovum Incubator, together with the University of Zurich, the Lucerne School of Information Technology, the industrial partners AMAG, AXA and Mobility, as well as the Aargau Road Traffic Authority, develops Car Dossier, a blockchain-based digital dossier where all data from a vehicle’s life cycle can be stored transparently and securely. The project lasted two years and was co-financed by InnoSuisse. Adnovum Incubator and its partners focused on the case of the ownership transfer within the used vehicle market using a blockchain and smart contracts. The Car Dossier is implemented on the basis of a permissioned blockchain with a community approach in combination with smart contracts. Active in varied industries, Adnovum Incubator and its partners bring new and unique perspectives into the project, which creates an ecosystem with countless new business models for each of the partners and their respective customers.



Convert – Customer Value

Results: On March 5, 2019, the cardossier association was founded in Zurich. This step emphasizes the success of the research project Car Dossier aiming to develop a blockchain-based platform that digitally maps the life cycle of a vehicle. The non-profit association is the legal entity in which the community of the cardossier users is organized. It ensures the further development, operation as well as maintenance and control of the cardossier platform. The members of the association are both providers (via association) and customers of the cardossier.


The information from cardossier can be provided and used by multiple stakeholders, such as importers, insurers, garages and road traffic authorities.


According to its concept, cardossier shall become the nationwide standard platform for data exchange and the execution of processes involving various stakeholders in the automotive industry. The platform defines itself as open, not profit-oriented and is developed jointly by all stakeholders. It is neutral, provides democratic access to data and will act as catalyst for the industry-wide digitization.

Taking it to the Next Level

Blockchain is excellently suited for handling cross-company business processes and develops its potential far beyond crypto currencies. It enables trusted, transparent and seamless transactions and a common view of data within an ecosystem.


Therefore, Adnovum has launched Secure Blockchain for Business, a platform that facilitates the efficient creation and operation of blockchain-based business ecosystems, enabling trusted and seamless business interactions across different industries, markets and companies.



‹‹The Car Dossier is an enabler and catalyst for the digitization of an entire ecosystem. A single company alone cannot manage such a large and complex project. This is why a community approach is needed.›››
Mathias Loepfe, Vice President, cardossier
‹‹Due to the changes in the market, we would like to explore the subject of mobility in a more holistic and stronger way from the perspective of our customers and take advantage of the opportunities that new technologies offer us.››
Carola Wahl, Head Transformation & Market Management, AXA Winterthur

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