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From the employee login, through the private e-banking access and the registration in online shops all the way to the login for tax returns – digital identities form the basis for many services and digital offerings as well as the protection of applications and data. The technology behind this is developing rapidly. User-friendly login procedures and non-invasive security enable companies to stand out from the market. But this requires a partner with experience who understands that this technology is only a means to an end and not the actual goal.


The digital identity, often referred to as login, has a dual function: On the one hand, it serves the user as identification to a system in order to prove his identity. On the other hand, it allows the service provider, respectively the online application, to provide the services in a targeted manner and, in the best case, to invoice them. Both regulatory requirements and commercial considerations play a role for the service provider when using digital identities. As soon as the user can be clearly identified, valuable information about the user's needs and behaviour can be gathered.



A distinction is usually made between identities for customers and identities for employees and partners. For customer identities the abbreviation CIAM (Consumer Identity and Access Management) is used, for employee identities eIDM (Enterprise Identity Management) is used. CIAM and eIDM have a lot in common, but the functionalities and use cases differ so much that products specialized in CIAM or eIDM have established themselves in the market. For CIAM projects, the driver is often the digitalization of the customer interface, sometimes it is also due to regulatory requirements. The aim of eIDM projects is often to improve efficiency and to reduce risk.



How can we help you?

Digital transformation increases the need for secure and usable digital identities. It is precisely the tension between safety and usability that requires careful balancing of the individual options. Our team of 30 experts, who has a broad overview of the solution options as well as the project experience, can support you in the design as well as during the implementation phase. Our services include:

  • the identification and characterization of the user groups that are to be given a digital identity,
  • the analysis and description of processes, systems and data to be integrated,
  • the conception of the future processes, the technologies used, the project procedure and the operational approach as well as
  • the realization of the implementation project based on a standard product.



Together with the Adnovum UX-/Interaction design team, convincing and user-friendly solutions can be developed. We thereby create the following added value:

  • User-oriented digital identities that support digital differentiation on the market through a balance of security and usability
  • Reduced project risk and higher cost efficiency, as the entire project is delivered by an experienced team from a single source
  • Tried and tested solutions and best practices, in particular from the demanding financial and government markets in terms of security
  • The CIAM product Nevis developed by Adnovum and market leader in Switzerland with its innovative solution components

And what is more: The trend towards «bring your own identity», with identity providers such as SwissID, the Identity Network Switzerland, Facebook and Google, but also the concept of «Self Sovereign Identities» in connection with blockchain, will further expand the range of available options.

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Stéphane Petit Key Account Manager