User Experience

Adnovum’s dedicated team of UX specialists creates intuitive and engaging experiences, both as a standalone service or fully embedded in a software development process.

Our projects

We have successfully realized more than 50 projects for customers from industries such as banking, insurance, logistics and the medical sector.


UX – a key to success

User experience includes all aspects of the user's interaction with the company and its services and products before, during and after using them.

We understand UX as a holistic approach in which many project members contribute to a successful user experience: Designers advocate for users, developers architect solutions and testers inspect outcomes.

Reducing risks

UX reduces the risk that the users' needs or frictions remain unaddressed. This prevents users from turning away or becoming inefficient in their daily workflow.

Balance needs & goals

At Adnovum, UX designers balance the users' needs and the customers' business goals, making sure current technical possibilities are fully exploited.

What we offer

We use our expertise in design thinking and user centered design.

We help accelerate your digital business



Design management

Lead the design process and orchestrate the project with product management, development, branding and corporate executives

Design strategy

Make your digital product experience competitive and sustainable

We apply design methods to propel your business



User research

Gain insights into your business domain and translate them into requirements



Turn your business idea into a tangible experience to get the green light from your company

Concept testing

Validate concepts with real users to understand needs and frictions in order to reduce risks

Usability testing

Review your existing application for usability to provide measures for the developers

Accessibility testing

Make your application accessible for visually impaired people

> More about our Accessibility service

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  • In-house synergies

    UX + Adnovum Incubator

    Expertise to tackle complex concepts involving emerging technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Conversational Interfaces, Chatbots).


  • Better chatbots thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Adnovum Incubator
  • .

    UX + Application Development

    Combining the power of over 400 developers and our UX expertise, we can carry out and lead complex projects – from an initial sketch to a downloadable app.


  • Software solutions
  • Meet our experts

    • We are passionate designers with various backgrounds such as interaction design, psychology, game design, design strategy, business analysis, art direction, media art, branding, front-end development, accessibility, visual design and more
    • We work for both large corporations and startups
    • We embrace a user-centered design methodology with a wide range of hard and soft skills
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    Should you have questions about user experience or software projects highly dependent on user experience, or wish to talk to an experienced expert, contact us – we will be pleased to help.

    Samuel Frischknecht Head of UX