Our goal is to help you reduce the workload of your call center by 15 to 40% and to improve the service for your customers.

Increasing efficiency

50 to 70% of customer questions in call centers are standard questions. Our VoiceBot is able to both understand and answer more than 80% of these standard questions. The VoiceBot «understands» Swiss German, German, Italian, French and English. If, for once, he does not understand a question, the customer is connected with a person. Overall, the VoiceBot reduces a call center's workload by 15 to 40%.


Fields of application



Automatically analyze and answer customer questions

icon vulnerability scan

Protocol and analysis

Transcribe and analyze conversations to gain valuable insights



Take requests and forward them to the responsible person


Biometric authentification

Automatically recognize callers who are already authenticated

Improving customer satisfaction

Today, customers expect information at any time – and as quickly as possible. Having to wait and not having service after 5 p.m. are two of the main reasons why customers are dissatisfied with call centers. The solution to this problem is the VoiceBot. Customers will still have the opportunity to speak to a person at any time during opening hours if they wish to do so. The VoiceBot thus improves customer satisfaction, while personal interaction continues to be possible.




Products of our Zurich-based partner Spitch AG, the leading provider of Swiss German speech recognition, form the basis of the VoiceBot. Thus, we combine high product quality with Adnovum's long-standing experience in the time- and cost-efficient implementation of software solutions.

Reference Case

The Road Traffic Office of Canton Aargau receives almost 400’000 phone calls every year. More than 50% of the questions customers ask every day are standard questions and are repeated multiple times every hour. The VoiceBot supports the call center by currently answering 20 questions that are asked often and account for approx. 25% of all calls. This happens outside of opening hours. As a result, the VoiceBot significantly improves the service for customers and noticeably relieves employees, especially during peak times.

Questions for the Road Traffic Office?

Call the road traffic voicebot!
It understands Swiss and high German

📞 062 886 29 99

Examples of trained questions:

  • Lost license plate, what to do?
  • Opening hours?
  • Import vehicle, what to do?
  • Moving to Aargau, how to proceed?
  • Vehicle charge/taxes?


‹‹Through the automatic processing of customer inquiries, the VoiceBot considerably relieves the employees who can concentrate on more complex customer concerns.››
Dr. Martin Sprenger, former Head of Departmental Services and Personnel, Road Traffic Office Canton Aargau

Calculation of benefits per year

Calls per month
% answered by VoiceBot
Experience shows that 15-30% of the questions asked can be answered with 15 trained questions. It depends on what % of the calls go through the VoiceBot and what % of the questions can be answered.
Answered by VoiceBot per month
Cost per call
Usual costs per call are CHF 5.50 - 8.50. Assumption: an average of 4 minutes per call, CHF 60 per hour taking into account the TCO for call centers and employees, 65% average utilization.
Savings per month:
One-time costs for setting up VoiceBot
Cloud-based structure of the VoiceBot including 5 newly trained questions and 4 months of free product license. Project over 3 to 4 months with workshops, setting up VoiceBot, implementation and test run with customers. Costs may vary depending on the case.
License and maintenance costs per month:
One-time: training for new question
Questions from the existing questionnaire for free.
Approximately 25 hours of training per new question, including an optimization phase. Can also be done independently under certain circumstances.

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