Platform Development for Mobility Cooperative

Mobility Cooperative is the pioneer and market leader in Swiss carsharing. The company contributes greatly to preserving resources and relieving traffic congestion and pollution in both urban and rural areas.

«Our business relies on technology. Adnovum is part of our team, delivering the technology needed in a progressive and quality-oriented manner.»

Marcel Amstutz, CTO, Mobility Cooperative


The project

The proven and well-established Mobility App and customer portal were approaching the end of their lifecycle in the mid 2010s. Initiated by an updated company strategy and vision, a number of changes, innovations and new Mobility services were to be developed, piloted and scaled up over the course of five years. This also marked the point at which its IT infrastructure needed a major update.


The goal: The objective was to create both internal and customer-facing frontends that on the one hand are consistent with the current state of B2B and B2C technology, and on the other reflected the expectations and online habits of existing and potential customers. Building a set of partner APIs should complement the emerging internal APIs in order to enable 3rd party MaaS platforms to interface with Mobility.


The process: In a co-creation approach that fused Mobility's requirements with state-of-the-art application technology, Adnovum provided a broad range of services. Starting off with the initial consulting and concept creation, Adnovum then designed and developed the code for the new, more versatile frontends and integrated them into the existing backends. The frontends also underwent a complete visual and UX overhaul based on user-centered design (UCD). This process was not just a one-off isolated effort but the start of a continual evolutionary development and maintenance collaboration.


The result: A cross-channel platform for all online devices and operating systems that encompasses a large and, thanks to the new internal frontend, easily expandable scope of customer services, all embedded in an intuitive and user-friendly app presented in a cutting-edge yet sustainable UX and visual design.


Technologies used:

  • Apache Cordova
  • Angular with Typescript
  • Java
  • REST and SOAP
  • iOS and Android native code
  • CI/CD – GoCD and Rundeck

The benefits

Benefits for Mobility Cooperative:

  • Improving accessibility and functionality for users has played an important role in increasing business. Since 2017, Mobility has registered a customer growth of over 26% along with an enrichment of the services offered and the new technology components have kept pace with the increase in usage.
  • The more agile service portal makes it easy to implement new enhancements and offerings, evidenced by five new services added to the Mobility platform in 2018.
  • Mobility can rely on its robust, powerful and efficient new platforms while navigating the future of carsharing and pursuing its new innovations, such as «Mobility One-Way» and «Mobility Go», alternative fuel vehicles and autonomous driving.

‹‹For the mid-sized company we are, it is impossible to have all of the required technology skills. We therefore need a partner to equip us with these skills and the ability to scale these external experts to our needs. This setup enables us to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.››
Marcel Amstutz, CTO, Mobility Cooperative

The client

Mobility offers its 224’000 customers across Switzerland 3’120 vehicles at 1’530 stations. The cooperative provides return car-sharing across Switzerland, one-way cars for one-way trips between cities and airports and Mobility-Go for free-floating in Basel and Geneva. The sharing system is simple, affordable, fully automatic, available around the clock, self-service and highly sustainable thanks to state-of-the-art technology.


Mobility was founded in 1997 as a merger between ATG AutoTeilet and ShareCom and is headquartered in Rotkreuz.


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