AI / Machine Learning solutions for Data Analytics

According to Gartner, disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic is rendering past data obsolete. While data has value, it can reduce not just over time, but also after significant shifts in events.

Given how vast amounts of data is collected in today’s digital landscape, businesses will have to find efficient solutions that can unlock the immense value within data before they become out-of-date. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) take the spotlight, as data-oriented-solutions are being leveraged by industry leaders.

Adnovum Singapore’s expertise and track record allows us to effectively identify opportunities to make processes more efficient, automated and data-centric, thanks to AI and ML. We don’t just qualify ideas, we help turn them into qualified use cases to be pursued in design sprints.

On a deeper level, we also work with clients to qualify pre-selected problems then sketch out a solution that factors in data, people and system requirements. Regarding existing ML solutions, our team of experts can identify points of vulnerabilities and propose appropriate solutions to address risks and attack vectors not always covered by traditional cyber-security practices.

A sample of the use cases made possible with ML:

  • Use cases for Financial Services: Customer retention maximization, Voice based customer identification, Unbiased stock prediction, etc.
  • Use cases for Transportation: Demand forecasting, route optimization, smart disruptions management, predictive maintenance, etc.
  • Use cases for Operational Efficiency: Email and document classification, customer intent discovery & NBA, Cognitive search & information extraction, etc.

Key Benefits for your Business:

  • Enhance capabilities further
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Solve novel problems
  • Automate business processes
  • Unlock new business models
  • Align with data management and cyber-security practices

Unlock the immense value within your data via AI and Machine Learning today. Contact our experts via sales[at] or +65 6535 0668

Why Industry Leaders and Governments Trust Our IT Security Products and Services

  • Protecting millions of digital identities for leading FSIs and several government agencies
  • Zero outage in Singapore-based projects
  • SG-PDPA and EU-GDPR ready
  • Secures over 80% of all e-banking transactions in Switzerland
  • Co-created with a leading international bank, and secures 4 out of the 5 largest Swiss banks

Our Digital Solutions' Track Record

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore | Federal Office of Information Technology | Federal Office of Communications | Federal Department of Justice and Police | Swiss Federation of Notaries | Federal Office for Agriculture

Swisscom | Mercedez Benz | Notenstein | PostFinance | Segetis | UBS | SFS Group | Helvetia | Die Mobiliar

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