Why join Adnovum?


At Adnovum you'll join professionally set up teams and work on diverse, challenging tasks. You are set to go from day one with a state-of-the-art workspace and dedicated managerial support. Our well-established processes, helpful colleagues and supportive work culture will help you along the way. You'll have a chance to further develop your skills in your areas of expertise, or try yourself out in other parallel fields: project or people management, emerging new technologies, cloud architecture, etc.  We also offer flexible working hours and home office so you can spend more time with your family or work on your hobby project.

Adnovum Stories

‹‹What I feel is trust each day at Adnovum. I can share my ideas and every door is always open for me if I would like to have an open discussion.››
Dániel Hegedüs, Software Engineer
‹‹Through the years I had the opportunity to try a multitude of tasks, and to develop myself in areas that I find interesting. This process was supported not only by my everyday job but also by the various training possibilities.››
Krisztina Nógrádi, Software Engineer
‹‹I feel that we can count on each other every day. If I need help, there is always someone to turn to. This is the way we try to get the most out of each other every day at Adnovum.››
Apor Kiss, Software Engineer

About Adnovum

Swiss quality with Hungarian spirit! Our customers come from a wide range of industries, with most of them being from the Swiss financial and public sector. Whether it is a frontend or backend development project, they require quality solutions to solve their complex digital challenges. We deliver unique solutions to our customers, ranging from e-banking apps to logistical software and car sharing applications.