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Your career is in full swing and you want to take on a new challenge in which you can contribute both your knowledge and your experience? We are looking for experienced colleagues and managers who share the values of our distinctive project culture.

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Do you desire to build pioneering software solutions? Or are you into IT Security or IAM Consulting? We are looking for new team members for the profiles Java Software Engineer, Solution Architect, Project Manager, UX Designer, Application Manager, IAM Engineer, Security Consultant and many more. Take a look to see if you find a role that suits you and apply now.

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‹‹I am really impressed by Adnovum’s culture where I can receive instant feedback to support my growth and reach my goals. Adnovum also offers me flexible working time, therefore, I can have a balance between work and life.››
Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Engineering Team
‹‹In the Adnovum culture it is ok to try new things. Even if you make a mistake you can learn and grow. Thanks to the team for supporting me.››
Truong Phuoc Nang, Testing Team
‹‹No matter whether you're a senior engineer with decades of experience or a fresh graduate engineer, at Adnovum, there are suitable, challenging and interesting tasks for you to further develop your career.››
Vu Anh Tung, Engineering Team
‹‹Adnovum offers a flexible working environment that lets me easily have a work-life balance. I also enjoy working with talented, supportive and friendly teammates.››
Phan Thanh Binh, Engineering Team
‹‹The challenges not only come from projects but also from our teammates to grow as a high-performance team.››
Vo Hong Phuc, Engineering Team
‹‹At Adnovum, we understand our values of One Adnovum, Engineered Results, Trust and Passion. We build our own culture and develop together.››
Ly Tri Tam, Engineering Team
‹‹Adnovum offers an English Class which helps me to improve my English skills as well as to be more confident in communicating and working with teammates from other locations.››
Nguyen Thi Huynh Sa, People Team
‹‹At Adnovum, every single task allows us to learn, implement and enjoy our work.››
Hoang Lan Anh, People Team
‹‹People are at the center of everything we do at Adnovum. We do everything to help our team​-​mates perform at their best. I found my passion and the reason why I wake up to go to work every day when I am at Adnovum.››
Kieu Minh Pham, People Team

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