Ruf Cup 2015 Act 1, 2 and 3 Onyx AdNovum: smooth sailing

The team of the Zurich Sailing Club (ZSC) on the Onyx yacht AdNovum got off to a good start in the new season. It ranks on place six in the intermediate ranking after the first three Ruf Cup regatta events on Lake Zurich. The ZSC thus strengthened its position in the first half of the field of entrants.

The Whitsun regatta on Lake Zurich has already been the third Ruf Cup event, and the Onyx yacht AdNovum is now well positioned. The preparation for the season was very promising: An additional boat made available this year allowed training runs with two ZSC teams each.

The result during Act 1 in April, however, was still modest. AdNovum sailed to rank 10. On the occasion of Act 2 on a rainy weekend at the beginning of May, the AdNovum team of ZSC was able to catch up: The team sailed to the first place at the first run on Saturday. A more aggressive strategy during the first two runs on Sunday was less successful as the team had to face penalties for attacks. Thanks to the victory of the previous day, a little more restraint as well as clean sailing in the third and last run, the crew ranked fifth overall in Act 2.

The ZSC team followed up on this success on Act 3 during the Whitsun weekend. However, in consultation with the teams, the traditional, 25-kilometer long-distance Whitsun race from Zurich to Rapperswil on the first day was not rated. After almost four hours of sailing with gusty northeasterly wind interrupted by calms, twenty boats reached the finish line simultaneously. A correct ranking was thus impossible. On the following two days of regatta with three short up and down regattas in Rapperswil, the ZSC team on the AdNovum reached seventh place overall in Act 3. The intermediate ranking shows the team on place six now. With this, the ZSC was able to consolidate its position in the first half of the fifteen participating teams and has a good chance to do well in the final ranking.