Jazoon TechDays 2015 - Flashback A Day off the Beaten Java Track

The autumn edition of the Jazoon TechDays in Zurich was dedicated to the «software world besides Java» – a widely undiscovered universe.

Keynote Speaker: Erich Gamma
Keynote Speaker: Erich Gamma

The Jazoon TechDays start with a big bang: a keynote speech by Erich Gamma. Co-author of «Design Patterns – Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software», an IT standard work, and former responsible for the Eclipse design, Erich Gamma introduces Visual Studio Code (VSC). He explains in detail how he has engineered the cross-platform environment over the past four years together with his team and in what respect VSC is steps ahead of comparable platforms. And he doesn't fail to make the audience smile by telling them how high up he had to escalate at his employer Microsoft to be allowed to buy five Macs.

F#, Scala, Pharo and Co.

In addition to Visual Studio Code, the «software world besides Java» discloses a universe. There is, for example, F#, a fully supported language in Visual Studio used for niche areas such as trading applications, or Scala, a functional, object-oriented programming language, or Pharo, a language that enables live programming. At the Pharo hands-on workshop, a number of participants has the opportunity to find out how it feels to interact live with objects. They enjoy it just as much as the workshop leaders Andrei Chis and Aliaksei Syrel.

Of business and soccer

To prevent the participants' «system» from shutting down due to this wealth of information and impressions, a variety of brain food and drinks are offered during coffee and lunch breaks. Following the talks, the participants are invited to a copious aperitif giving them an opportunity to talk shop or get to know each other while playing tabletop soccer. After all, it usually helps to know whom you're dealing – or playing – with. Because, as they say in German, you always meet twice in a lifetime. The next time maybe at the Jazoon spring edition in Bern (see link to the right).