Zukunftstag 2015 at AdNovum Record Attendance and e-Shopping

At this year's Zukunftstag at AdNovum, 23 young visitors experienced exciting presentations and a lot more. The highlight was definitely e-shopping.

This year, AdNovum cracked Zukunftstag’s attendance record with 23 girls and boys between nine and thirteen years of age. The pupils came to visit AdNovum and get a feeling for the place of work of their dads, relatives, godmothers and godfathers from different points of view.


General information about AdNovum and IT was followed by three demos, a tour with exciting stations, joint programming and tasty ravioli at Guccinetta, our staff restaurant. They were served by eleven year-old Ramon. He came for the «late shift» and helped our long-established catering professionals in service and cuisine.

Real chocolate bars ... paid with digital money


For most, the highlight of the morning was the TWINT supermarket. Who didn’t use to like playing at shopping as a child? Of course, you didn’t pay with play money during our demo, but with the digital wallet TWINT. And the friendly sales person Johann didn’t sell little printed carton boxes with puffed rice to the young customers but real chocolate bars and marshmallows. We now finally have the proof that shopping with a mobile phone instead of a purse is child’s play.


The demos for interaction design and the calculating machine, the visit to the server room and programming with XLogo gave the children an idea on how many different tools and skills are necessary to create something as cool as TWINT in a software company.

A wealth of new impressions

Also cool was the vanilla parfait with its shock freezing chocolate decoration applied by Ramon. After lunch, some Zukunftstag visitors went on their way home. Others continued their AdNovum experience in the offices of and with their dads in the afternoon. We bet the 23 new AdNovum specialists had something new and exciting to tell about this – presumably known – company in the evening.