Who Is Roger Boesch? Meet AdNovum's New CFO

As of October 1, 2015, AdNovum has appointed a new CFO. In a short interview, Roger Boesch tells us what attracted him to the company in the first place and which hobby group he is most likely to join.

What are the most memorable impressions of your first day at AdNovum?

One strong impression was the aperitif following the quarterly presentation. It gave me an opportunity to meet numerous fellow employees on my first day. In addition, I noticed the particularly high security standards. However, considering the customer data AdNovum is dealing with, that's no surprise. Last but not least I was impressed with the names of the offices and gadgets which are all based on IT terms. On the chocolates that are offered in the reception area, for example, it says «1 byte».

What about AdNovum made you accept the CFO position?

The requirements in the job ad were very specific – and definitely a match for me. One key argument was the industry, as I have a strong passion for IT. In the area of accounting and controlling, I can join any industry I choose. But to work in an industry I find exciting is really cool. Another key factor was AdNovum's position as one of the leading Swiss software companies. I admittedly didn't know AdNovum before reading the job ad. However, when I mention the name to people I know, many of them have heard it before.

What challenges are you looking forward to?

One appeal is AdNovum's size. The company is currently in a transition phase. With a staff of over 450, the CEO will increasingly need to lead the company based on figures. It's my job to establish the necessary financial framework and to integrate existing tools like the one we use for logging the working hours. This is exactly the kind of challenge I like: understanding a situation as quickly as possible and building something from scratch. Also, there's some room for manoeuvre at AdNovum. I wouldn't feel comfortable in an environment with rigid structures.

Which hobby group are you most likely to join: runnable, beer or vegan cooking?

I'd like to join beer because talking to colleagues in an informal environment often produces valuable input. Also, the runnable group would certainly be a good choice. It has already been recommended to me. Vegan cooking won't do because I love meat. Founding a new group isn't an option either. I enjoy spending my spare time with my family.

What else should we know about Roger Boesch?

Well, my door is open - just «come in and find out».