Exploring Markets Swiss Software in Asia

Exporting to differently wired markets doesn't just happen. In spite of – or just because of – that it paid for AdNovum to venture the step to Asia.

Can we sell our services and products in Swiss engineering quality also in the highly competitive Asian market? That's what we from AdNovum asked ourselves five years ago. We wanted to know and opened an office in Singapore in 2010. Sure, at the time, AdNovum already had some experience abroad with its offices in the US and Hungary. But with this step to Asia we chose to strategically enter a new geographical market.

Today, AdNovum Singapore serves customers from different industries and regions within APAC. This wasn't a success for nothing. As a relatively small and still unknown player, the first challenge was to convince prospective customers of our solutions. The next hurdle consisted of meeting the expectations of Asian customers by delivering turnkey all-in-one solutions in no time at all.

You can only succeed in this if all players are readily available and if you can count on smooth-running processes. At the implementation you need to be able to build on prefabricated components. It is also key to have well-trained specialists at hand for each task who know the local conditions, and to target resources. To this end you need to consult reliable partners in the new market region for certain tasks and effectively use the specific strengths of all locations. Thus the company invests in the new office but also benefits from its growth and impulses from the new market.

(This is an abstract of an article published in the swiss export journal (in german only): Schweizer Software in Asien – Stärken gezielt nutzen [swiss export journal 1/2015, 31.12.2014])