Identify customer needs early and personalize advice

Strengthen customer loyalty and create up-/cross-selling opportunities

If a company wants to present the right offer to their customers at the most opportune time, a digital solution is key today. A systematic approach provides unparalleled advantages.

In times of decreasing margins and a highly competitive market it is crucial for companies to successfully activate their customer base. Some banks still have great potential here. Experience shows that customer advisory services are often based on Excel files. In other words: A systematic setup is lacking and thus opportunities are missed. Today, a bank can no longer afford this in such a critical business process.

What to do? It is recommended to introduce a standardized process for the assessment and segmentation of the existing customer base. This can increase the probability of successful deals significantly. A Sales Dashboard as shown in the video below allows the better use of existing information and anticipation of customer-specific opportunities and risks. In short: a simple means with huge effect!


Urgent need for action on customer loyalty

According to a study on customer loyalty conducted by Bain, 54% of people in Switzerland purchased banking services also from competitors in 2020. As a bank, you should identify these 54% at an early stage so that you can initiate targeted measures to retain customers. The key to success here is to present a customer with a specific offer at the right moment.

If you recognize the needs and behavioral patterns of your customers early, it will not only help you to create personalized investment recommendations. But it will also help you take advantage of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and ultimately lowers churn rates. In a simplified form, the three visualized business cases can be derived from this. We would be happy to develop and deepen these in your specific context.


Switching customer advisory services to a digital solution ensures the necessary efficiency and sustainability. Thorough integration into existing systems and processes is essential here. We embed your ideas and wishes into a solid technical framework so that you can ideally combine your existing systems and applications with the customer and needs analysis and convince your customers with your USP.  


The Sales Dashboard

One possible version of a tool-based customer and needs analysis is shown in our video:



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