cardossier: From Incubator to Milestone

How an ecosystem with diverse participants promotes innovation

In July 2020, the cardossier platform went live. The first blockchain-based digital ecosystem in Switzerland will turn the used car market upside down. Possibly some more industries in the future as well.

In July 2020, a milestone was reached: auto-i-dat AG uploaded 11 million records to the cardossier platform. auto-i-dat AG is the Swiss market leader in vehicle data and a member of the association, which is also named «cardossier» and was founded in March 2019. By going live, the platform has come a major step closer to its goal of digitally documenting the complete history of a vehicle. Companies and government agencies that are part of the ecosystem can now access reliable high-quality data and use them as a basis for their activities.


What did it take to reach this milestone?


It all started in the incubator

The idea of cardossier first started in the AdNovum Incubator, AdNovum’s innovation lab, in 2017. The pioneers realized that blockchain can be an elegant approach to addressing fundamental needs of business ecosystems, such as trust, the exchange of data, and cross-company process automation. The used car market, which everyone knows and where these needs are particularly urgent, turned out to be the ideal «playground».

Also in 2017, AdNovum launched the Innosuisse research project «Car Dossier» in cooperation with the University of Zurich, the Lucerne School of Information Technology, the industry partners AMAG, AXA and Mobility as well as the Aargau Road Traffic Authority. In March 2019, renowned Swiss companies, universities and government agencies joined forces in a non-profit association to manage cardossier.


Driving innovation with courage and competitors

The members of the association develop and test new use cases – if necessary also together with competitors. They all have two things in common: the will to innovate and the courage to invest.


All participants benefit from the cooperation in this ecosystem as new partnerships and business models arise from joint product innovation. The platform operated within the ecosystem also leads to increased efficiency and creates a new market for information products. Additional benefits are shown in the following diagram:


What does this mean for the data that each participant brings to the ecosystem? The data are stored decentrally in a distributed ledger. Every participant remains the owner and in control of the data provided. In specific transactions, the owner shares data with other parties. Thanks to distributed ledger technology, all parties have the same view of the situation.


Since July, the cardossier platform has been live. As a «public-private platform», it is jointly developed and operated by the participants of the ecosystem. Mandated by the cardossier association, AdNovum’s blockchain team engineers the core component of the platform and operates the node of the association. Interested companies that only need the basic functionality may use cardossier as SaaS, which is a budget-friendly version.


Still a lot of potential to unlock

In the next two years, cardossier plans to design and introduce regulated processes, such as the import and registration of vehicles. Further topics include a digital proof of insurance and concepts to enable service and repair entries in cardossier.


The pace will be determined by the participants’ digital possibilities since cardossier is a joint project based on the participation and data of all partners. The main benefit: A step-by-step approach continuously creates new interfaces and options ... which will lead to the next natural milestone after the go-live.

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Stéphane Mingot Head of Adnovum Incubator

Moritz Kuhn Principal IT Consultant & Product Manager