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AdNovum IT Consulting's breakfast event of June 11 was dedicated to "IT Application Evolution". Guest speaker Sven Wenger of UBS presented the architectural challenges involved in connecting agile multi-channel applications to a stable core banking system. AdNovum's Tom Sprenger and Beat Fluri showed how to evaluate application portfolios strategically and technically.

Applications always reflect the current era, as various aspects ranging from performance and availability to supporting end-user devices show. However, companies' strategies and business processes change in increasingly shorter periods of time. In addition, the introduction of new technologies and the increasing private use of digital devices change users' usability expectations. As a consequence, applications and their environments need to be periodically reviewed and enhanced. This is why our breakfast event of June 11 was dedicated to "IT Application Evolution".

Guest speaker Sven Wenger of UBS introduced the audience to the technological challenges the world of e-banking and mobile banking is facing. On the one hand, banking applications are subject to very strict security requirements and embedded in clearly defined release cycles. On the other, end-users today expect to have convenient access to their financial instruments via mobile, to use services 24/7 and, as a result, to be able to do business in real-time whenever they wish. For this to be possible, specific mechanisms are required. They must make sure that applications are safe and allow users to log in without using any complicated authentication methods and that applications are also available during normal interruptions, such as maintenance windows.


In the second presentation, Tom Sprenger, CTO of AdNovum, and Beat Fluri, Senior Solution Architect at AdNovum, showed how to evaluate applications strategically at portfolio level and technically at application level. They introduced a qualitative approach which classifies applications according to McFarlan's IT portfolio matrix. They emphasized that the evaluations are collectivized and iteratively consolidated together with the respective company.

Event series IT@8

The breakfast event dedicated to IT Application Evolution was part of AdNovum IT Consulting's series "IT@8". The series is aimed at managers and addresses current trends and their impact on IT and the business. We usually choose one trend and discuss its impact with selected guest speakers who have in-depth practical experience.


IT@8 takes place once a year; the next event is scheduled for spring 2016. If you would like to attend, please mail us to