Leverage digital identities and passwordless access to extend your business

September 16, 2020 | 10:00-11:00 AM CEST

Competition keeps getting more heated and speed of execution in digital products is ever more important. All the while, customer expectations of convenience and ease-of-use in digital products as well as cybersecurity concerns are rising rapidly. A collateral effect of fully digital operations, increased interconnectivity, and cloud is the inevitably expanding attack surface. In this context, solid identity and access management is a pillar of business success and resilience.


Well-engineered identity and access management...

  • reduces time-to-market for your innovative digital products since they can plug-in rapidly
  • offers passwordless convenience to your customers
  • defines security perimeter in hybrid-cloud environments

This hour-long event featuring AdNovum experts and business leaders gives you the keys to unlock your digital potential.

  • Leo Bolshanin, Head of Cybersecurity Romandie, gives actionable insights about the identity and access management landscape and present his strategic vision.
  • Olivier Paillère, Principal IAM Engineer at AdNovum, presents a short demo of our passwordless authentication solution using the fully customizable NEVIS Access App on a mobile device.
  • For the main part of the hour, representatives from organizations in banking and the public sector where identity and access management are central to digitalization efforts join our experts for a panel discussion moderated by AdNovum's Jérôme Bailly, Sales Manager Romandie.

Speakers & Panelists




Nagib Aouini

CEO - DuoKey
Former Head of Security - SEBA Bank
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Rachid Abdoun

Solutions Architect - Canton of Neuchâtel
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Loïc Pfister

Director Romandie - AdNovum
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Leo Bolshanin

Head of Cybersecurity Romandie - AdNovum
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Olivier Paillère

Principal IAM Engineer - AdNovum
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Jérôme Bailly

Sales Manager Romandie - AdNovum
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