AdNovum develops Car Dossier based on blockchain technology

In cooperation with the University of Zurich, the Lucerne School of Information Technology, AMAG, AXA, Mobility and the Aargau Road Traffic Authority, AdNovum develops a blockchain-based digital dossier for managing the history of a vehicle. The project is co-financed by the Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).


The Swiss software company AdNovum, together with the University of Zurich (Department of Informatics, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schwabe), the Lucerne School of Information Technology (Prof. Ursula Sury), the industrial partners AMAG, AXA and Mobility, as well as the Aargau Road Traffic Authority, develops Car Dossier, a blockchain-based digital dossier where all data from a vehicle’s life cycle can be stored transparently and securely. The information can be accessed and used by different stakeholders. This includes, among others, car manufacturers, parts suppliers, insurance companies, importers, garages, used-car dealers and portals, vehicle evaluators, road traffic administrators, fleet managers, private buyers, sellers and renters, car rental companies and car recyclers.


The Car Dossier is implemented on the basis of a blockchain with a community approach in combination with smart contracts. This technology was chosen because it is able to establish the necessary trust among the different stakeholders through transparency, immutability and decentralized operation. The processing and administration of all information in the dossier is carried out in compliance with data protection regulations and other regulatory requirements.


The project is co-financed by the Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). As a first use case, the project focuses on the change of ownership in the Swiss used-car market. The main goal is to increase trust, transparency and the efficiency of transactions by using blockchain technology. The project will also provide insights into the business, organizational, technical and regulatory implications and opportunities of introducing a blockchain into this type of ecosystem.


AdNovum CTO Tom Sprenger: «For AdNovum as a Swiss software engineering company, driving innovation through the commercialization of emerging technologies is key. In the Car Dossier project, we cooperate with industry, universities and CTI to create a safe and transparent standard for an open ecosystem around vehicles.»


Matthias Loepfe, Head of AdNovum Incubator: «The Car Dossier blockchain is an enabler and catalyst for the digitization of an entire ecosystem. A single company alone cannot manage such a large and complex project. This is why a community approach is needed.»



The Swiss software company AdNovum provides a full set of IT services, ranging from consulting, the design and implementation of customized business and security solutions to maintenance and support. Its offering further includes the tried and tested products of the NEVIS Security Suite. NEVIS is market leader for identity and access management in Switzerland. AdNovum's customer base includes renowned companies from the finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing and logistics industry as well as federal offices and cantons.


AdNovum was founded in 1988. At its headquarters in Zurich and its offices in Bern, Lausanne, Budapest, Lisbon, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore, the company employs over 600 staff today.

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  • Media release: "AdNovum develops Car Dossier based on blockchain technology" (PDF, 135 KB)
  • Communiqué de presse "AdNovum développe un dossier numérique pour les véhicules basé sur la blockchain" (PDF, 120 KB)
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