Gamification – making technologies tangible


One of the challenges when exploring new technologies or business models is to make the possible use cases and impacts understandable and tangible for clients. Presentations and webinars can convey a lot of insights, but they reach their limit when it comes to triggering an «Aha!» effect.




Through gamification it is possible to transfer knowledge in a fun and efficient way. The idea is to use game mechanics and thinking to engage audience and make them live experiences from which they will be able to draw insights applicable to their own field or environment. The creation of such a game is an iterative process that is more challenging than it seems - it has to take into account many parameters such as the ease of learning and playing the game (keep it simple!), the attractiveness for all players until the end, and the experiences you want the players to have. Based on prototypes and user observation the game has to be repeatedly adjusted until the goals - both didactic and fun - are achieved.


Expected results

The games can take different forms – such as a mobile app, board game, card game or even a simple role-playing game.



For the promotion of blockchain technology and Adnovum's «Secure Blockchain for Business» we have created «cardossier - the game», whose aim is to show in a playful way the advantages of the permission-based blockchain for business ecosystems. Using cardossier's existing platform as a reference, we have created a game highlighting the added value of this technology in terms of transparency, trust and efficiency in data exchanges and transactions between ecosystem partners. This game is used during discovery workshops with clients. For more information and to order the game please visit


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Stéphane Mingot Head of Adnovum Incubator

Hartmut Keil Expert Software Engineer, Adnovum Incubator