Adnovum can help you with the following measures to raise the awareness:


  • Awareness Campaign

  • Awareness Training

  • Simulated Social Engineering Attack
  • Awareness Campaign

    For a successful awareness campaign, it is important to know your company and your requirements and wishes regarding the sensitization of your employees. We will use this information in combination with our experience and create an awareness campaign that fits your company and your requirements.


    Important aspects of a awareness campaign are:

    • The definition of the ideal information carrier and the «Messages» for your employees. This could be teacher-centered teaching, E-Learnings, giveaways, etc.
    • The definition of additional measures for special groups of persons (e.g. people with client contact, people working in HR, people working with sensitive company data, etc.)
    • The outline of a roadmap for the implementation of the campaign throughout a defined period
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    Awareness Training

    Awareness training can be part of an awareness campaign or can be implemented as an individual measure to improve the security level of your organization.


    • We adapt and manage the web-based training based on your individual needs
    • We conduct teacher-centered awareness training

    Simulated Social Engineering Attack

    One way to learn how aware your employees are regarding certain information security threats is to perform a simulated social engineering attack. The goal of the simulated attack is to get sensitive information from the employees. One way of a simulated social engineering attack is a simulated phishing attack:


    Phishing: A defined group of employees receives an email with the invitation to click on a provided Link or with a document that needs to be processed or read. The goal is to convince the employee to enter a password or other sensitive information. In a simulated attack the results can be analyzed, and specific measures can be implemented.


    Did the results of a simulated social engineering attack not meet your expectations? We can offer support to improve the awareness of your employees with an awareness campaign.

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