Security Architecture & Technology

Security Architecture and Implementation

With more than 30 years of experience in developing and integrating secure software Adnovum provides the ideal base to leverage know-how in both designing and implementing secure systems. When building software systems or integrating third-party products it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the security implications and requirements. The resulting thorough security concept is the prerequisite for practicing security and privacy by design which is ensured by the implementation of a Secure Development Lifecycle. Designing and implementing secure software is our daily business and we are convinced that we can support you in making it yours too. We can support you in:


  • Designing or reviewing security architectures and concepts, for example in the areas of cloud, container technology, distributed ledger technology / blockchain, access infrastructure or multi-channel applications and services
  • Identifying and rating risks of applications by means of threat analysis
  • Designing secure mobile application architectures
  • Mobile application hardening
  • Implementing a Secure Development Lifecycle supporting the development model that adheres to your needs

Identity and Access Management – Design and Technology

Cyber security is not a challenge that remains static, the threats to a business’ IT environment are ever changing and evolving just as the technology to prevent such an attack does. Analytics-based Security, the ability to discover, prevent and react to cyber-attacks, can improve an organization’s ability to provide secure digital channels and services to its customers. Today, new insights from user behavior increase the security and usability of online applications. Behavior analytics adds assurance to initial authentication by extending static authentication factors like passwords or fingerprints with dynamic aspects of our identity.

Be it data encryption or behavior analytics that help detect and prevent insider threats, targeted cyber-attacks or frauds, Adnovum is prepared to maintain the operational aspects and support behind your solution. We can support you in:

  • Integration of fraud detection tools
  • Design, review and build secure access and identity management infrastructures
  • Analysis and design of all aspects regarding digital identities

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Tim Beutler Principal IAM Engineer