Software Solutions

Our solutions are custom-built to meet you and your partner's specific requirements, making it possible to truly stand out. Using a modular and flexible approach, the solutions seamlessly integrate with existing systems no matter how sophisticated the setup. Both your internal and external users will love working with the new system.








From sketch to running system

We start with a rough sketch. Then based on a detailed analysis and design, we help you define the high-level structure of how IT components will support the business, before finally implementing the solution. Our requirements specialists are able to quickly understand your business and have a firm grasp on how to ideally combine IT and technology. In addition, our user experience (UX) specialists not only create intuitive user interfaces but also help to enhance how customers, partners and employees interact with each and every component within the system.


Sustainable and solid

Quality engineering is implemented from day one. Continuous testing and automated release management make sure the system can be built and delivered at any time as quickly as possible. Operational requirements, scalability, performance, testability and other non-functional requirements are constantly evaluated and reflected in the chosen architecture and design. Thanks to technology management, we always have control over libraries, versions and dependencies, particularly when using open source frameworks.

Secure by Design

Security is never an optional feature or an afterthought. Only secure by design solutions will pass the test of time, preventing security patch nightmares. Take advantage of our more than 20 years of experience in building solutions for the finance and government industries. Optionally, combine the solution with our market-leading security suite NEVIS. Brief: Provide 360° security for your business.

Turn-key solutions

We build and deliver complete solutions, ready for prime time from day one. We are ready to take risks by offering fixed-price projects. What's more: We have both near- and off-shoring locations, making sure that you get the best value for your money.


Our services

We cover the following activities and tasks:

  • Business and requirements analysis
  • User experience (UX)
  • System and software architecture and design
  • Software development
  • Machine learning
  • Testing
  • Release engineering and release management
  • Support and operations
  • Project management

Our stack

We build solutions in the following areas and with the following technologies:

  • Web applications and portals
  • Mobile applications
  • Rich client applications
  • Backend integration
  • Java / Java EE
  • Microsoft .Net / C#
  • HTML 5, JavaScript, AngularJS
  • TensorFlow
  • Python
  • iOS and Android native or hybrid
  • Alfresco CMS


50 to 70% of customer questions in call centers are standard questions. Our VoiceBot is able to both understand and answer more than 80% of these standard questions. The VoiceBot «speaks» Swiss German, German, Italian, French and English. If, for once, he does not understand a question, the customer is connected with a person. Overall, the VoiceBot reduces the call center's workload by 15 to 40%.


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  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning solutions can bridge gaps that traditional software isn't able to cover, by helping your organization gain operational efficiency and potentially unlock new business models. By learning from new data points, your software will gain accuracy and make progress in its key functionality. This is powered by a strategic data gathering, designed to improve your solution's performance and to discover which cases represent the biggest wins.


    Our expert practitioners make the most out of data and the capabilities of machine learning to enhance your software solutions.

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  • User Experience

    Adnovum’s dedicated team of UX specialists creates intuitive and engaging experiences, both as a standalone service or fully embedded in a software development process.


    User experience includes all aspects of the user's interaction with the company and its services and products before, during and after using them. We understand UX as a holistic approach in which many project members contribute to a successful user experience: Designers advocate for users, developers architect solutions and testers inspect outcomes.

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  • Secure Blockchain for Business

    Blockchain is excellently suited for handling cross-company business processes and develops its potential far beyond cryptocurrencies. It enables trusted, transparent and seamless transactions and a common view of data within an ecosystem.


    Therefore, Adnovum is launching Secure Blockchain for Business, a platform that facilitates the efficient creation and operation of blockchain-based business ecosystems, enabling trusted and seamless business interactions across different industries, markets and companies.

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  • Contact us – we are pleased to help!

    Should you have questions regarding the further development of IT applications or application landscapes, or wish to talk to an experienced expert, contact us – we will be pleased to help.

    Özlem Tokay Senior Solution Sales Manager