Machine Learning

Adnovum's expert practitioners make the most out of data and the capabilities of machine learning to enhance your software solutions.

Software whose essence can learn

Machine learning (ML) solutions can bridge gaps that traditional software isn't able to cover, by helping your organization gain operational efficiency and potentially unlock new business models.

By learning from new data points, your software will gain accuracy and make progress in its key functionality. This is powered by a strategic data gathering, designed to improve your solution's performance and to discover which cases represent the biggest wins.

A key advantage of solutions built on machine learning: their capacity for improvement is independent of code changes. Users can benefit from better tools without adding new lines of code.


Artificial Intelligence that runs in production

Machine learning solutions are often hard to achieve, due to lack of integration or perceived unreliability. Building on our strong engineering skills and our experience in implementing complex solutions, we make sure that such projects get to the finish line.

Understanding how to deliver machine learning as coherent features that behave predictably is key to the success of these solutions. Adnovum's experts can help you tackle these challenges and ensure that the robust capabilities and the value they add make it into the hands of your users.


How we work

Adnovum has developed an approach for delivering machine learning projects that is based on industry standards and best practices.

Thanks to our agile machine learning methodology and our deep expertise in software engineering, we help our customers scale ML-driven initiatives to production by supporting them from ideation to benefits realization, translating ideas into solid code.



What we offer

Are you just starting out with machine learning or are you ready to take machine learning to the next level? Depending on your maturity level, we have the right offer for you!


From ideation to MVP

  • Start with an ideation workshop to get an overview of how your organization can benefit from machine learning and identify the use cases with the highest potential
  • With our design sprints, validate business ideas in a 3-day boot camp in which we'll co-create a solution storyboard and identify the required data sources to build your ML-powered product
  • Get our help to realize a first analytical model that will be integrated into an initial solution MVP (minimum viable product)

Full solution development

  • From planning to realization we take care of the full solution development by delivering in incremental MVPs, giving client centricity and results the highest priority
  • Learn about the cybersecurity threats that may affect your models in an Machine Learning Security Workshop
  • Let us help you on your journey to Machine Learning Ops and Continuous Training (CT) to manage your models, datasets, and retraining pipelines

Security Training

The advent of machine learning models and applications in the software ecosystem introduces new risks and attack vectors that are not always covered by traditional cybersecurity practices.


By taking part in our machine learning security training, participants will receive the tools to recognize where their models or machine learning applications are vulnerable and to apply appropriate solutions.


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