Banking and FinTech

Digital transformation has brought and continues to drive far-reaching changes in Banking and FinTech. Adnovum uses its wealth of experience to continuously expand the competitiveness of its clients in this area.


In the future, open banking platforms will form the basis for entire ecosystems in which your customers will find multiple offerings combined resulting in a yet unseen client centricity and user experience. That may even go far beyond banking-related products and may take into account any related individual customer need which today is satisfied outside of your own industry. Market participants will network and cooperate within such new ecosystems to deliver comprehensive, fully-fledged solutions and services in a seamlessly integrated manner.


Creating a competitive edge in this digital world demands an optimal balance between standard and customized components spanning across the entire value chain. At Adnovum, we inspire and guide our clients through this digital transformation.


Considering your individual «front-to-back» business requirements, our sustain-build-buy approach ensures minimum project complexity, results in high-value deliverables, and allows for the full exploitation of your business potential.


We would be happy to offer you a free consultation for your specific business challenge.



We develop your digital future

  • We understand your business and deliver suitable, fully integrated software solutions which make a tangible difference
  • By utilizing your existing, well-shaped systems (Sustain), strategically building new software components (Build) and selecting the right standardized software (Buy), we ensure the best combination of available «ingredients»
  • The result is a tailor-made solution that merges your organically grown application landscape into a single open framework, optimized, secure and future-proof
  • We design and implement an open IT framework, ensuring that the technology you use truly supports your ambitions
  • A tailored setup ensures a highly flexible and secure architecture which allows you to easily adapt to future requirements «just in time»
  • The individual, professional composition of all components (Sustain-Build-Buy) results in a highly sustainable solution protecting your investments
  • Together we define and test new business ideas, including back-office processes, building proof of concept models and prototypes
  • Leverage the Adnovum Incubator, utilize design thinking and design sprint approaches to be ready for tomorrow
  • Productize true FinTech solutions in collaboration with clients and partners where we bring the «Fin» and «Tech» together

Your needs are our focus

  • Take advantage of your employees’ full potential by providing a system landscape that supports efficient, reliable, easy to use workflows aligned with the expectations of the new generations
  • We design and deliver modern user experiences which let your staff focus on client needs and target achievement
  • Utilizing big data and machine learning in combination with the implementation of dashboards, workbenches and portals provides for personalized views on high-quality information (client data, investments, etc.) eliminating the need for manual intervention
  • By supporting you to be on top of your strategy and ensure it is followed on all levels, we provide individual software components representing the «digital twin» of your strategy
  • We deliver IT solutions which avoid unnecessary large-scale infrastructure projects, while allowing for optimized adjustability and time-to-market
  • Let’s go and co-create an IT landscape where you are in full control of your processes, allowing for better, fact-based decision-making and planning
  • Our digital solutions support you in meeting the needs of your clients in the best possible way, bearing your own competitive advantage in mind
  • We design user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI) across all channels, including new engagement models leveraging bots and machine learning, which your clients and your staff will love to interact with
  • By securely integrating your clients` workflows to your open platforms, we create even more seamless user experiences

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Our Banking team’s hands-on capabilities and expertise

Adnovum's solutions combine best practices with state-of-the-art technology and are tailored to our clients IT landscape. The tailoring process covers applied software engineering methods (Scrum, Agile, Test First / Test-Driven Development, etc.) and procedures (DevOps, Continous Integration/Continous Deployment). Our teams have best-in-class expertise in proven technologies (Linux/Unix, Docker, Openshift, Kubernetes, Java, Spring Boot, Angular, REACT, Oracle, Postgress, Rest, JavaScript, Cordova) on different platforms (Web, Android,iOS). In addition, our engineers have a proven track record in productizing leading-edge technologies such as blockchain and machine learning.

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Kornel Wassmer, Managing Director Banking

Kornel Wassmer Managing Director Banking

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