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The transportation and logistics sector relies on time and cost-efficient services and solutions for staying profitable and competitive. The competitive international environment and the unstable economic situation due to the current pandemic has triggered a focus on optimizing and digitalizing logistics processes as well as for increasing customer satisfaction.


In order to keep up with future challenges, global trends and technologies, it is essential to collaborate with an experienced business partner. Adnovum reduces process complexity and leverages your digital and business potential at the same time. Adnovum excels in time to market and helps you to continuously improve yours.


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Optimize and digitalize your processes along the value chain for more time and cost-efficiency.

  • establish seamless and paperless document management and procurement processes by implementing e-signature flows
  • enable «order to cash» processes spanning from customer orders to final payment
  • enable «purchase to pay» processes covering orders to a supplier and settling outstanding liabilities

Enhance your customer experience for building trust between internal resources and end-users.

  • enhance communication and exchange between all stakeholders in warehousing and procurement thanks to collaboration platforms
  • enable tracking the delivery of goods and raw materials with track and trace systems and applications providing full transparency
  • establish common real-time information basis to enable all participants to act on the latest events

Improve data handling and management for full cost-control and transparency.

  • manage demand and capacity planning of raw materials to retrieve from suppliers as well as scheduling deliveries
  • enable the retrieving of data and information from distribution with a demand forecasting application

Intensify cyber security for enhancing supply chain performance and safety.

  • protect your digitalized and connected supply chain from increasing likelihood of cyberattacks with a cyber security assessment from our Security Solutions experts
  • in addition to long-established security best practices, supply chains in the future need to ensure security and bolster measures against fraud by utilizing new technology, such as collaborative machine learning


How Adnovum works together with you

In close collaboration with you, Adnovum creates individual and innovative business solutions based on your specific needs in the transportation and logistics industry. The software company ensures that your business challenges are solved using state-of-the-art methods and technologies.


Adnovum's services and solutions come into play when off-the-shelf products are not solving the problem alone or need to be integrated into existing systems. Learn more about Adnovum's Software Solutions.

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